Special Services

Full Service $695

Full Service $695 Shall consist of a SIX day exercise regimen for the horse. To include a combination of one of the following daily: lesson, turn out, hand walk, sun pen or lunging. Limit of four lessons per week. Basic grooming, bathing, trimming, mane pulling & blanketing included. Due to the fact that each horse and rider present a unique combination, a program will be designed to suit each individual horse and owner's needs and goals. All lessons are to be taken within the month and are not to be carried over into the following month.

The FS Owner shall bear all cost, including, but not limited to: veterinary, farrier and medical costs, shows and equipment. If FS Owner's horse is laid up due to injury or illness, there will be a $15 horse fee charged per lesson for use of a school horse. The FS Owner will send written permission for anyone other than the owner to ride his/her horse.

Fees shall be due on the first day of each month. Accounts not paid by the 15th of the month shall incur a finance charge of $25. Any account overdue by the first of the following month shall result in loss of service until the account is current. There will be no refund of fees for horses leaving prior to the end of the month.

This contract is renewable automatically from month to month unless written notice is given by either party at least 30 days prior to the end of the month.

TES Lockers $40/month includes

TES Lockers $40/month includes: saddle & bridle racks with ample room for grooming buckets & totes. Lock needed. To be paid as of the 1st of each month.

TES Club House $50/month. A private sound proof tack room with A/C, 3 saddle & bridle racks per person, and ample room for grooming buckets & totes. Key included. To be paid as of the 1st of each month.

Monthly Grooming

  • Basic (brush & pick) $120

  • Blanketing OR Unblanketing $80

  • Blanketing & Unblanketing $120

Monthly Exercise (All exercise services include basic grooming)

1 or Combo (H/W, T/O, S/P, L) $190

Monthly Feed (TES does not provide feed)
  • Owner's feed &/or meds 1x per day $40

  • Owner's feed &/or meds 2x per day $60

Daily Services

  • Basic grooming $8

  • Sun Pen $8

  • Blanketing OR Unblanketing $6

  • Hand walk or Turn out $13

  • Blanketing & Unblanketing $8

  • Lunge $18

  • Trimming $28

  • Show Prep $98

  • Owner's feed/meds $8

  • Body Clip $128

  • Tack Cleaning $33

  • Bathe $28