LACC Horseback Riding Class

Los Angeles Community College

Community Services Horseback Riding Class at TES

Horseback riding is both a sport and a personal experience. Discover and refine your skills under the tutelage of a patient, experienced instructor. Learn grooming, mounting and dismounting, horse psychology, saddling and bridling, riding etiquette, equipment, and the basic balance positioning at the various gaits. Our instructors have taught hundreds of beginners to take that first trot! So if you are a real beginner, with little or no experience, this is your opportunity to learn and grow. Class is held at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center, adjacent to Griffith Park.

Pre-requisites: Students are required to come to the classes on the dates originally signed up in. There are no make-ups allowed. Students are required to purchase their own riding boots and must have them by the first riding lesson. (These include Western "Cowboy" boots or English paddock boots or tall boots. No other boots are allowed (no construction boots, steel toe boots, sneakers, etc.) Riders must weight less than 190 lbs. LACC Registration Information

Class Schedule

*Check with LACC for class numbers & prices.
**TES reserves the right to close classes or change class days/times as needed.

Riders earn a FREE lesson after the purchase of their first package. The FREE lesson will be the same type of lesson as their package (group, private, etc). Package expiration policy applies.