Home School Students

TES Homeschool Riding Program Meets State of California PE Credit Requirements


We understand the special challenges that home school families face. California requires home schooled students to receive physical education, but it’s difficult for parents to find unique ways to meet these requirements. The TES riding program brings the love of horses and fitness to children as they receive home schooling PE credit for their participation. Riding is a demanding physical sport practiced throughout the world. Also, it gives students a chance to socialize. Often parents are concerned their home schooled child won’t get enough social interaction. Our program is done in small groups, allowing students to enjoy the horses, learn riding and receive physical conditioning all at once. Homeschoolers can even participate in competitive sports through our numerous school riding shows held throughout the year.


Homeschoolers can be accommodated at TES at any time in our lesson schedule. Most homeschoolers seem to take advantage of the quiet hours during the weekdays which assures them of a more leisurely experience. Our lessons can be scheduled weekdays in order to accommodate your busy teaching schedule. We have several discount options, allowing parents to purchase multiple lessons, saving up to 25%.

As an added bonus for parents and children, there are numerous scholarships offered by colleges based on equestrian participation. Colleges and Universities are having difficulty finding students who know how to ride. College horse riding teams are recognized by the NCAA and are a growing sport.