Spooktacular Schooling show Oct. 25!



SPOOKTAKULAR & Beginning Horse Show

SUNDAY, October 25th, 2015

Entries close Tues. Oct 20.

Registration Time: 7:00 a.m.

Students may register one hour prior to start of their class.

*Class times are not definite & the show will go on with or without you.

Start Time: 8:00 a.m.

Times subject to change

Full Schedule with horse choices will be posted on www.traditionaleq.com

by the Friday before the show date.


TES riders must at least be at the Intro Level to participate.


Make all checks payable to T.E.S.

Jump Division (3 classes) $40.00

Flat Division (2 classes) $25.00

Instructor Fee (T.E.S. students) $10.00

School Horse Usage Fee $15.00

Entry Processing Fee $5.00


PROPER ATTIRE: All exhibitors are required to wear proper attire according to their discipline.

English: SEI approved helmet, black or white gloves, collared & sleeved (short or long) shirt (solids & patterns ok), black dressage whip or crop, breeches (any color or pattern), tall boots (field or dress) or paddock boots & half chaps.NO jeans.

Western: SEI helmet, black gloves, collared shirt, crop, jeans, Paddock boots, Ropers or Lacers.

NO T-shirts, NO tank tops – NO exceptions.

TACK: All training equipment is allowed.

PRIZES & AWARDS: Ribbons will be awarded through 6th place.

ADD/SCRATCH POLICY: No classes may be added after the closing date.

REFUNDS: Before closing date of entries, full refunds will be given to NON T.E.S. students. T.E.S. students will be given lesson credit only.

No refunds after the closing date.

RETURNED CHECKS: Checks returned by the bank for any reason will be handled as follows: All returned checks will be charged an additional $30.00.

EQUITATION: Judged on the effectiveness of the rider & overall aesthetic of the horse & rider combination.

PLEASURE: Judged on the responsiveness of the horse and overall pleasantness of the horse.

UNDER SADDLE: Walk, trot & canter or “on the flat.”

ADULT EQUITATION: A jump division consisting of 3 classes: Two equitation o/f (over fences) & one u/s. Equitation courses to consist of 8 or more jumps, including a combination with changes of direction & pace. Courses set at 2’3” with oxers. Must join division.

LONG & SHORT STIRRUP: A jump division consisting of 3 classes: Two equitation o/f (over fences) & one u/s. Courses to consist of 4-8 fences and set as cross-rails. Must join division.

LEADLINE: Walk only, on a lead, children 4-6 years

DIVISIONS: No cross entering into a different age group or class level allowed. Students must enter all classes for the Jump Divisions. Students should enter both classes for their W/T/C or W/T Division.

Full schedule with horse choices will be posted on www.traditionaleq.com by the Friday before the show date.

Times are subject to change. Classes will start regardless of whether students are present or not.

8AM Adult Equitation18+ 1. Equitation U/S

Must join division 2. Equitation O/F

3. Equitation O/F

Long Stirrup 18+ 4. Equitation U/S

Must join division 5. Equitation O/F

6. Equitation O/F

Short Stirrup 17 & under 7. Equitation U/S

Must join division 8. Equitation O/F

9. Equitation O/F

W/T/C 18+ 10. Equitation

11. Pleasure

W/T 18+ 12. Equitation

13. Pleasure

W/T/C 11-17 14. Equitation

15. Pleasure

W/T 11-17 16. Equitation

17. Pleasure

W/T/C 10 & under 18. Equitation

19. Pleasure

W/T 10 & under 20. Equitation

21. Pleasure

22. Leadline

23. COSTUME CLASS- Student provides costume for horse (and self if desired). Costumes will be presented in-hand. There is no riding in the costume class. Please discuss costume choices with office or instructor.