Horsemanship Certification Series starts Oct. 13!

Horsemanship is about much more than just learning to ride. It’s about developing and maintaining happy, healthy, and sound horses. At TES, we are committed to teaching riders to become true horsemen — both in and out of the saddle. That's why we're proud to offer our new Horsemanship Certification program. This 10-session lecture series educates riders on a range of topics that are essential to proper horse care.

From feeding to saddle fit, from first aid to hoof care, the TES Horsemanship Certification Series will teach you how to better care for your equine partners. Whether you own your own horse or aspire to one day, and regardless of your riding ability, you will benefit from the wealth of knowledge available through the program.

Each 60-minute seminar combines a classroom lecture with live demonstrations inside the TES stable. Seminars are led by experienced, professional instructors in the equine industry, and include written materials to take home. All of the TES Horsemanship Certification sessions can be purchased individually, or sign up for the entire 10-session course at a discount. Students who complete all 10 sessions will receive a certificate of completion and a free group riding lesson (or a free Evaluation if not a current TES student)!

Schedule of Classes

Classes meet Tuesday evening 7-8pm

Oct. 13 - Conformation Basics

- Learn ideal horse conformation and common conformation flaws. Apply this in the stable as you assess several horses.

Oct. 20- Saddle Fitting for Horse and Rider

- Proper saddle fit is crucial for horse welfare and riding success. We will learn saddle fitting basics and try out what we’ve learned in the stable.

Oct. 27- Bit and Bridle Fit and Function

- There are a staggering number of bits for the horseman to use. We’ll show many common types and describe their effect, then learn to properly fit a bridle to a horse.

Nov. 3-Training and Equipment Basics

- Beyond basic saddlery, there are many aids the horse owner and trainer can take advantage of. We’ll discuss some, along with their usefulness, and learn the basics of longing using a TES school horse.

Nov. 10- Equine Preventative Maintenance

- Day to day care keeps your equine companion in good shape and saves on vet bills in the long run.

Nov. 17- Basic Equine First Aid- Some injuries require a call to the vet, and others you can take care of yourself. Learn the difference, as well as some basic supplies to always have on hand for emergencies and minor incidents.

Nov. 24- Feed and Supplement Overview

- Whether he is an athlete or a companion, your horse will need the right feed and supplements to be at his best. We’ll discuss basic types of feed and take a look in the stable to see what the TES horses are eating.

Dec. 1- Hoof Care for Horse Owners

- Between farrier visits there’s a lot you can do to keep your horses hooves in good shape. We’ll talk about hoof care, and go over some common hoof ailments you should know about. Then we’ll look at some different types of shoeing in the stable.

Dec. 8- Grooming for Good Health

- Proper grooming keeps your horse looking, and feeling, his best. In this class we go over necessary grooming supplies and learn how grooming keeps horses happy and healthy.

Dec. 15- Blanketing: When, Why and How- Do all horses need blankets in the winter? What weight of blanket is best for your horse? We’ll discuss the ins and outs of blanketing and learn the proper technique for safe and hassle free blanketing using the TES school horses.

Cost per individual session: $35

Cost for 10-session Certification Series: $315

Reservations and pre-payment are required; please call (818) 569-3666 to sign up!

TES has been providing excellent instruction in horseback riding and horse care for over 25 years. We are proud to be certified by the British Horse Society as an Approved Training Center. TES is the largest riding school in the Los Angeles area. 480 Riverside Dr, Burbank, CA 91506

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