Dressage Schooling Show


Traditional Equitation School’s Dressage Schooling Show

Sunday, Sept. 13, 2015

Times will be available online Friday, Sept. 11, 2015

Judge: Jodie Cressman

Scribe: Lisa Carden /Tara Federico

Manager: Carol Derry


We reserve the right to limit entries. Entries close Tuesday Sept. 8, 2015.


Make all checks payable to T.E.S.

Classes 1-9 $35.00 per class

Classes 10 - 13 $20.00 per class

Classes 14-16 $15.00 per class

School Horse Usage Fee $15.00

Entry Processing Fee $5.00

Instructor Fee (T.E.S. students) $10.00


PROPER ATTIRE: All exhibitors are required to wear proper show/clinic attire. SEI approved helmet, black or white gloves, collared & sleeved (short or long) shirt (solids & patterns ok), black dressage whip or crop, breeches (any color or pattern), tall boots (field or dress), paddock boots & half chaps. NO T-shirts, NO tank top, NO jeans – NO exceptions. TACK: Polos, bell boots, donuts, martingales and fly bonnets are allowed.

PRIZES & AWARDS: Ribbons will be awarded through 6th place. Classes will be separated into "owned" and "school horse." Prizes and ribbons will be awarded accordingly.

EXHIBITION CLASSES: Musical Freestyle, Individual, Pas De Deux and Quadrille must submit music on tape or CD one week prior to show. Costumes which do not impede the horse and are appropriate to music are allowed – subject to Show Manager’s approval.

MANAGEMENT: T.E.S. Management reserves the right to itself to interpret all questions and conditions in regard to or rising out of or incident to the show without claims for damages or recourse of any kind. Management reserves to itself the right to limit entries in any class, cancel or combine any unfilled classes, reschedule classes, change rings or rotate judges after due notice to exhibitors.

JUNIORS: for the purpose of this show, juniors are anyone under the age of 18 as of the date of the show.

STABLING/HAULING: T.E.S. provides NO stabling for this show. You MUST contact the T.E.S. office IMMEDIATELY if you plan on hauling your horse and using your trailer as a stall. ARENA: All tests will be held in the large standard arena (20 x 60m).


The final class list will be posted Sunday morning before registration.

Junior and Adult divisions for all classes.

All tests will be 2015 USDF tests

1. Introductory Level-Walk, Trot – Test A

2. Introductory Level-Walk, Trot – Test B

3. Introductory Level-Walk, Trot, Canter– Test C

4. Training Level – Test 1

5. Training Level – Test 2

6. Training Level – Test 3

7. “Western” Dressage Test of choice – Introductory or Training Level

8. First Level – Test of choice

9. Second Level - Test of choice

10. Dressage Equitation (group) – adult Judged on the rider.

11. Dressage Suitability (group) – adult Judged on the horse.

12. Dressage Equitation (group) – junior Judged on the rider.

13. Dressage Suitability (group) – junior Judged on the horse.

14. Musical Freestyle *

15. Pas De Deux * +

16. Quadrille * +

Copies of test are available in the TES office. Classes 14-16 are for Exhibition only. * Music for Freestyle must be on CD + Must name others in class or on team.