Celebrate the New Year at TES!

2015 is starting off with a bang at TES! We have some sweet new faces in the barn; say "Hi!" to Tosca, Chance, and Romeo next time you visit. We also got some beautiful new saddles to upgrade our selection, including a Courbette and a Stubben you'll be sure to enjoy riding in. Our team mascot Fred The Donkey is learning to be a grown up fellow. He is learning to be a driving donkey and is enjoying his lessons. His tiny harness is the cutest thing ever.

Our holiday fundraiser was a huge success thanks to you! Together we raised over $1200.00 towards supplies for the Burbank Animal Shelter. We had so much fun doing this that we're definitely going to do it again next year.

Please join us on Sat., Jan 17 for a potluck lunch and open house. We'll be handing out ribbons for the 2014 show season and giving away some fabulous prizes as well. We'll provide sandwiches, chips and some drinks, you bring whatever you want to share! We'd love to see you there and wish you a very happy New Year in person!

All the best,

Your friends at TES